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DASHE village at Ming Dynasty Zheng era already development, as Mount Guanyin for toponym。
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Introduction of Dashe District
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Introduction of District Emblem
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Introduction of Dashe District
Introduction of Dashe District
Introduction of Dashe District
Introduction of Dashe District
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* Introduction of Dashe District
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I.Geographical environment
Introduction of Dashe District
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  Dashe District is in Kaohsiung City under Fengshan District. Dashe and Dashu District are in the northern tip of the District. The north is Yanchao District; the east is Dashu District; the south is Renwu District and the west is Nanzi District, Kaohsiung City. Being close to Kaohsiung City, Dashe is considered one of the satellite Districts of metropolitan Kaohsiung. Although without buses connecting directly provincial way, Highway, and Taiwan High Speed Rail, Dashe is close to Nanzi District and the traffic is still convenient. After availability of National Highway #10, we are enjoying better traffic convenience. 

In the terrain feature, the east and north are high while west and south are low. The east is in low hill land and the west is sea plain (alluvium), a part of Jianan Plain. Rivers in the District have been straightened and are far away from the metropolitan. The upstream is in Jiacheng Village, which boasts rich ecology. Due to the terrain, rivers and ditches run to west. 

Dashe District lacks inborn development conditions. After hardworking by earlier District chiefs in overcoming difficulties, it has become an Arcadia of agriculture, industry and tourism.
Please find introduction per longitude and altitude and mountain and rivers:
  (1) Position
  The four extreme points and longitude and altitude:
  1. Extreme east:
  eastern hill in Jiacheng Village next to Dashu District at east longitude 120 degrees 24 minutes 13 seconds and north latitude 22 degrees 45 minutes 29 seconds.
  2. Extreme west:
  border is Jinjiang Bridge in Renda Industrial Park in Sannai Village to Nanzi District, Kaohsiung. The east longitude is 120 degrees 19 minutes 33 econds and north latitude is 22 degrees43 minutes 32 seconds.
  3. Extreme south:
  the south of Wanjue Temple and Gaopinpi in Zhongli Village with the border of west hills in Guangyingshan Lake in Renwu District. The east longitude is 120 degrees21 minutes 23 seconds and north latitude22 degrees42 minutes 36 seconds.
  4. Extreme north:
  in the hill north of Jiacheng Village with border of Yanchao District (around south of Puochelong village in Yanchao District). The east longitude is 120 degrees 23 minutes 49 seconds and north latitude22 degrees46 minutes 6 seconds.
  (2) Mountains and rivers
The District is in the upstream of Diaobao River and Hojin River. The north is in upstream of Diabao River. The main stream is at the border of Dashe District and Yanchao District. Another branch of Wulilin River, Zhongjun Stream, runs through Jiacheng Village and Baoshe Village. The river originated from Jiacheng Village and runs through the north in Wuqitan. Going out of Dashe District, it is combined with Wulilin River in Dongnin Neighborhood in Nanzi District. Again, it runs through Chiaotou and Gangshan into the sea in Ziguang District. The south is in Hojin River basin. The main stream is 26.5 km in length. In the south of Dashe District, there are Lizibiangou, Dapogou and Bengxianguo converging from hills into the upstream of Hojin River (also known as Nanzikeng River). It runs through Dashe and Chiaotou into the sea at the border of Nanzi District and Ziguang District.
The east of the District is Guangyingshan in the border of Renwu District. One can climb cliffs here in beautiful landscape. Guangyingshan is in famous range with Banpinshan in Zuoying, Shoushan in Kaohsiung in old Fenshen County. At the top, you can see the competition of the three hills in different shapes. It is the first bare-foot park with various kinds of animals and plants in extreme beauty of ecology.

II. History

In early days, Han people in southwestern Taiwan called villages zhuang. Villages of aborigine people were called she. Names of the places ending with she might former residence of aborigine people.
Dashezhuang (between Zhongjunguo and Bengxianguo) in the west of Guangyingshan used to be place where A ka of Siraiya Tribe lived. Failing in fighting against the Netherlanders, some people moved to Suozaigang in the south of Dapengwang, Donggang Districtship, Pintung County. Most of them still remained where they were under rule by the Netherlanders.

In Koxinga period, Pingpu in A la were pushed aside from where they lived by Han people. People still called the place Dashe.
To solve food shortage in Koxinga period, soldier-farmer policy was fully adopted. Soon, batiaotuntian instruction order was given. Dashe District was in Guangyingshan cultivation area. At late Qing Dynasty, the names and range of the place changed under different emperors. The names changed as Guangyingshanzhuang→Guangyingli→Guangyingzhongli; the range was Guangyingshanzhuang covering Guangyingshangli, zhongli, xiali, neili, banpinli and xinlongwai, neili in late Qing Dynasty (currently Yanchao District, Dashu District, Dashe District, and Renwu District in Kaohsiung County; Nanzi, Zuoying, Gushan and Yancheng Districts in Kaohsiung City).
During Japanese occupation, range differed as Guangyingzhongli→Nanzikeng Branch Hall→Renwuzhuang Sannaitan. In earlier days, Renwuzhuang was in different administration areas. Politically, it was in two local fractions: sannaitan represented village in Guangyingzhongli; Renwu covered Guangyingxiali and banpinli.
After reorganization, they were under the name Renwuzhuang. The zhuang office (District address) was still at 587 fandi, sannaitan, the old address of Dashe District Office.
Under control of the Japanese, the two fractions got along well. After the Restoration, self-government was adopted. Renwuzhuang was reorganized as Renwu District. Renwuzhuang was in disadvantageous situation and there were often conflicts. At the end of 1949 after promulgation of Regulations Governing Division of Local Self-government of Cities and Counties in Taiwan Province, with rich resources, people in Renwu fought for the separation of District. In the 2nd conference by Kaohsiung County Council on 29 May 1951, Renwu District was divided into Districts—Dashe District and Renwu District.
People in Dashe District had been arguing about the name of the District. Those focusing on local culture believed that sannaitan was the village with most people and the center of politics, economy, culture and traffic. The District office was also there. Therefore, the name should be Sannaitan. Those with new ideas believed sannaitan was not easy to read and sannai was not good. The police station and elementary school were named Dashe. The name Dashe would be better and sounded better. No one mentioned the name Guangyingshan, the earliest name. Finally, most people voted for Dashe.
On 15 August 1951, under approval of Civil Affairs Bureau, Taiwan Provincial Government, Dash District was finalized to be separated from Renwu District. The range was current District border. The District office then was on current Sanmin Road. Dashe District has 9 villages—Dashe, Shennong, Guangying, Cuipin, Zhongli, Sannai, Baoshe, Jiacheng, and Baoan. Total area is 28.23 square meters.
Most people in Dashe District speak Minnan and some speak Hakka. This is a District emphasizing agriculture, industry and commerce. The most famous produce includes dates and guavas. This is also the largest milk junket area in Kaohsiung County. Output of milk is highest in Kaohsiung County. Guangyingshan is a famous scenic spot in southern Taiwan. Factories in Dashe Industrial Park have created job opportunities. National Highway #2, I-Shou University, Shu-Te University and E-Da Hospital have brought tens of thousands of consumers to Dashe District. The old commercial center in Sanjiaoyong in old village has been replaced by Zhongshan Road outside Guangyingshan. Humanitarian ecology was booming and diverse. With local development, Dashe District has become a good place for industry, commerce, agriculture and sightseeing.
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