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DASHE village at Ming Dynasty Zheng era already development, as Mount Guanyin for toponym
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Title:About Us
Introduction of Dashe District
Every  villages introduction
Introduction of Town Emblem
Introduction of District Executive
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1.About us
    1.1 Introduction of Dashe District
    1.2 Every villages introduction
    1.3 Introduction of Town Emblem
    1.4 District Supervisor
    1.5 Former District Supervisors
    1.6 News
    1.7 Policies
2.Agricultural Products
    2.1 Agricultural Products
3.Humanities and History
    3.1 DASHE collect folk songs
    3.2 HARP
4.Tourist Attractions
    4.1 Mount Guanyin
    4.2 Mount Guanyin Attractions
    4.3 Mount Guanyin new scenic spot
    4.4 Climbing Route
    4.5 Guangyingshan Path scale
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